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FAQ About Buying a Select Sandwich Franchise

question-markThe following are the most frequently asked questions about making the decision to purchase a franchise. If you have a question and don’t see it on the list… please ask us now – by email or call 416-391-1244 or toll-free 1-866-567-5648 and ask to speak with Brian Kahn, owner and President of Franchise Sales.

Q: Do I need prior restaurant experience?

A: Although it would be a benefit, we offer a complete training package which is broken into components to ensure ease of learning. Any business-minded person with the proper attitude, love for customer service and the willingness to work, can learn to operate a Select Sandwich restaurant.

Q: How long will my training last?

A: Your training will consist of a six week comprehensive program.

Q: How much money do I need?

A: On average you should have a minimum of $120,000 in unencumbered capital to invest.

Q: Do you provide financing?

A: Select Sandwich has a sound reputation with Canadian banks. The Federal Government Small Business Loan Program is available through the chartered banks across Canada. Select Sandwich will be happy to put you in touch with a chartered bank that offers either business financing or alternate financing.

Q: What is your royalty rate?

A: The royalty rate is 7% and the advertising royalty is 3%.

Q: What is your franchise licensing fee?

A: Currently our fee is $25,000.

Q: What does my franchise fee cover?

A: The franchise fee covers the cost of site selection, lease negotiation, training and the right to the Select Sandwich brand and proven operating system.

Q: Do I select my own location?

A: No. You may assist or offer suggestions on a location that you believe would be good, however we use our experience and real estate expertise to select and approve all locations.

Q: Do I need to be in the store every day?

A: Yes. We do not allow locations with absentee owners. We have found that the best operating results come from locations where the franchisee devotes full-time attention to its daily operations.

Q: Can I own more than one location?

A: Absolutely, providing that you have demonstrated both the financial and operational ability to take on the additional responsibility.

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