Why Buy A Franchise

Why Buy a Franchise.

Owning a business is a great opportunity to be your own boss or start a new career path. We understand that starting your own business is a serious decision.

There are many reasons why businesses succeed. You need the right: product, price, management, location and ability to attract and retain customers.

Why do franchises succeed?

According to the Canadian Franchise Association, franchising is more successful because you can attract and keep more customers than an independent business. Why? There are three key reasons. You can rely on the master franchisor to:

  1. Provide a proven operation system.
  2. Create a marketing program that generates and retains customers.
  3. Deliver ongoing support to help the franchisees become stronger at marketing, customer retention and training.

For example, in-store training is provided for many weeks to ensure that you have all of the concepts mastered with hands-on experience. We are with you at your franchise location assisting with your set-up and grand opening. The bottom-line, the franchisor is with you from start to finish versus going it alone. We are only successful when the franchisees are successful.

Why is franchising the most successful business strategy? Branding.

An established brand creates trust and confidence with consumers. Today more than ever, our culture puts its trust in solid brand with a strong reputation over risking taking with an unknown brand or independent business.

Training, ongoing support and proven systems increase your success rate versus opening a business or buying a business on your own.

To learn about franchise opportunities with Select Sandwich, please call 416 391-1244 / 1-866-567-5648, email us or complete the short form to make an inquiry today! We’re keen to start working with you now.

Why Buy a Select Sandwich Franchise.

There are several benefits that a Select Sandwich franchise offers:

  • Most locations have shorter hours compared to restaurants and fast-food establishment—meaning little or no evening/weekend hours.
  • With our expertise and the help of our carefully selected marketing partners, we’re able to advertise effectively.
  • We believe in the continuous development of our franchisees, and as such, you’ll receive ongoing support from our corporate team.

To learn more about amazing franchise opportunities with Select Sandwich, please call 416-391-1244 / 1-866-567-5648, email us or complete the short form to make an inquiry today!

Established Brand

Goodwill and a solid customer base takes years to build, and is arguably the most difficult part of your business to develop. Businesses spend millions each year trying to attract new customers. When purchasing a Select restaurant, you get an established name and more importantly an established customer base. With a Select Sandwich franchise, you gain goodwill and a customer base that has been building for over 26 years.

Two Distinct Businesses

When you own a Select franchise you enjoy the benefits of a lucrative dual revenue stream through walk-in and catering customers. Besides the obvious benefits of operating two distinct but related businesses, it allows us the opportunity to attract and market to two distinct industry segments.

Three Revenue Streams

Dine in. Take out. Catering for corporate and home.

Life Balance

Due to Select Sandwich’s unique and targeted demographic, most locations offer short hours with no evenings or weekends. This allows you to balance work and play and take control over your life.

NOTE: you may choose to provide catering in the evening or weekends. It’s up to the store owner to determine if or when it is offered.

The trend toward healthier food choices continues to grow, making our founding values more relevant than ever.

  • The traditional sandwich is being upgraded, contemporized and transformed to fit today’s consumer tastes.
  • Sandwiches are being used to leverage the popularity of ethnic culinary styles.
  • Interest in the premium quality sandwich continues to grow.
  • Upscale breads, sauces and names will continue to lead the category.

As our aging population and the popularity of healthier food choices grows, sales of fresh healthier sandwiches and food choices, continue to rise, Select Sandwich is positioned to meet that demand.

Next Steps

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The original owner and founder, Brian Kahn is back at the helm. He is owns exclusively Select Food Services Inc. which sells and supports the Select Sandwich franchisees.