Premium Sandwich and Wrap Platter

$17.50  per person

Our Executive Platter!

Our Premium Sandwiches and Wraps are served on an Assortment of Fresh-Baked Ciabatta, Multi-Grain Buns and Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato and Whole Wheat Wraps.
All platters come garnished with carrots and celery sticks and a bowl of olives and pickles.


Packed with Protein!

A Crispy Spring Mix combined with Slow-Smoked Turkey, Real Crumbled Bacon, Premium Blue Cheese, Sweet Red Onions and Diced Tomatoes. Topped with a Creamy Ranch Dressing.


The perfect option for your Vegetarian guests.

A Crispy Spring Mix with Cooked Quinoa, Crumbled Canadian Feta Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Perfectly Ripe Avocado and Premium Black Olives, served with a Hint of Fresh Parsley and Mint. Topped with our signature Creamy Ranch Dressing.


Perfect for any C.E.O.! A Seasoned, Sliced, Grilled Chicken Breast, combined with a Soft-Ripened Brie Cheese, Crumbled Bacon and our Signature Caesar Dressing.


Your guests will savour every bite.

Seasoned, Grilled Chicken Breast, combined with Crumbled Canadian Feta Cheese, Premium Black Olives, Freshly Diced Tomatoes, Sweet Red Onion and English Cucumber, rolled into a Soft Wrap. Topped with our signature Creamy Greek Feta Dressing.

Premium platters are 10-person minimum. All prices are per unit/person. 

*If you require a delivery within 24 hours or on a weekend, please contact one of our locations directly.