by staciegoldin
January 24th, 2017



Planning a corporate event or meeting can be hectic. It can seem like are a million things for you to do before the day arrives, and you have to get them done all at once! One of the most often overlooked aspects of planning a great business meeting is the food and snacks. Putting together an impressive and delicious selection of food for attendees can be stressful – unless you use the services of a professional catering delivery company. Here are five ways that choosing professional catering delivery services will help your meeting or event run smoothly:

  1. Professionals can provide a wide range of food choices

It is a catering company’s business to make sure that they can provide enough food options for everyone. As such, you are guaranteed to have a broad selection of meal and snack options that will suit the dining needs of all of your event’s guests, whether they have particular dietary restrictions or allergies to consider.

  1. Delivered catering means fresh, delicious, high-quality food

Catering delivery is always prepared by professionals who understand the ins and outs of food handling safety. This means that they are true experts who have trained to prepare food in the best possible way for many years. Choosing high-quality catering delivery means that you’ll wow your meeting guests with fresh and delicious catering menu options.

  1. A professional catering delivery does all of the grunt work for you

Let’s face it: you and your entire team are already swamped with scheduling your meeting or event, finalizing a guest list and preparing the perfect presentation. You simply don’t need to worry about anything else. Planning, preparing and serving food is one of the most time consuming elements of an event. Leaving the food to a professional catering delivery company gives you more free time to work on other, more important aspects of your event.

  1. A professional catering delivery service will make fewer mistakes

Unlike a professional caterer, you haven’t had the chance to perfect the art of delivering great food for a large group of event attendees. A good catering delivery service, however, does have this experience, which has been carefully refined over several years. A professional service will not only efficiently provide great food for your meeting, but they will do so without making a single mistake. As such, people with food allergies are less likely to accidentally receive a meal they cannot eat, and vegetarian foods will be carefully prepared separately from non-vegetarian options.

  1. A professional caterer will save you money

When you choose catering for your event, you’re making a sound investment. This is because the cost of food, utensils, and your time can add up fast. These costs extend well beyond what you would have spent on catering delivery, and you still don’t get any of the benefits listed above! The savings gained by having your fresh catering delivered to your location can free up money from your meeting’s budget to spend on other important things!

If you want your corporate event or meeting to run smoothly, you should consider choosing catering delivery services as a convenient way to feed your staff and clients. Having your food delivered on-time and ready to be served can go a long way towards making sure that your event goes well and everyone enjoys their meal! Contact Select Sandwich today to talk with us about our event catering options.