by staciegoldin
January 9th, 2017

Choosing the Right Food When Planning a Baby Shower

If you are a close friend of the to-be mother, it’s only natural to want to host a baby shower for her once you hear the good news. However, planning a baby shower can tedious, as you need to organize so many little things, one of the largest being the food for your guests.

Here are some tips to get you started, as these are often the most preferred food for a baby shower. Look for a catering company who offers all of these great food options in one place to make planning a baby shower simple!

Some of the most popular appetizers for baby showers are simple finger foods that are easy to eat. We recommend some traditional favourites such as veggies and dip, fruit and cheese platter, artisanal cheese platter, and smoked salmon platter. These classics offer a great variety for all tastes, and can be eaten easily in between fun baby shower games!

Fresh Fruits
Fresh fruits contain fiber, vitamins and minerals – just what a mother-to-be needs. So, choose fruits of a variety of colours. A fruit tray serves a double purpose as both a light snack and dessert, which you can make available throughout the baby shower.

You can’t go wrong with sandwiches when planning a baby shower. Traditional egg salad, chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches are extremely popular for baby showers, along with an assortment of traditional meat sandwiches. For a fun twist on traditional baby shower food, opt for mini sandwiches, grilled panini, or even a make your own deli sandwich option!

Every expectant mother has cravings and your friend too will have them. So find out what she is yearning to eat and have those items displayed on the table. We recommend a pickle tray, fresh baked cookies, and our decadent desserts to make the Mommy-to-be ecstatic.

While you are focusing on the right food when planning a baby shower, don’t forget the cake and baby shower drinks. Opt for fun non-alcoholic cocktails in addition to coffee and tea. You can add a fun element to the drinks by serving them in baby bottles. Remove the tops and give guests straws to sip their drinks!

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