by Brian Kahn
June 26th, 2015

Breakfast Catering: Perfect for Morning Meetings!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You also know something about your employees and clients, and many of them probably skipped breakfast.

Unfortunately, this translates into yawning, dozing, stretching and staring off into space during important meetings. In other words, when the meeting is over, you are the only one in the room who retained any information—and you conducted the meeting! That’s why breakfast catering is perfect for morning meetings to keep your attendees alert and engaged.

Breakfast catering has many advantages over the usual donuts and coffee option. First, it is great to offer a nutritious meal. When you order your breakfast from Select Sandwich, you give your clients and employees a real breakfast. There is no sifting through jelly donuts and cream pastries just to find the “perfect” breakfast treat, and your employees can even enjoy a hot breakfast! Your meeting attendees can choose from any one of our breakfast platters including:

  • Rise and Shine Platter
  • Continental Breakfast Platter
  • Breakfast Bagel Platter
  • Hot Breakfast Omelette Wraps
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel Platter
  • Dairy Platter
  • Premium Smoked Salmon Platter
  • Low Fat Yogurt Parfait Platter
  • Plus Cold Drinks and Boxed Coffee and Tea

Are you worried about clients or employees being more interested in breakfast than the meeting? Yes, there is bound to be one person sneaking back to the breakfast table two or three more times during the meeting. However, a good breakfast meeting is motivating and productive when it is planned properly. Here are four tips to make sure work is done during your breakfast meeting:

  1. Distribute a meeting agenda. This outlines what work will be accomplished and prepares employees for the meeting ahead of time.
  2. Breakfast catering should be done prior to the meeting. Set a time maybe a half-an-hour or so prior to the meeting’s start time for breakfast. This gives everyone a time to talk, eat and get comfortable.
  3. Set a firm start time for the meeting—and stick to it. The agenda must include a start time for breakfast and meeting times. Give attendees warning to wrap up their breakfast. Also, make sure the meeting starts on time regardless of who is or is not finished with their breakfast.
  4. End the meeting at the correct time. Remember that catering breakfast and having a meeting is a worthwhile event. Always end the meeting on or before time.

For all your breakfast catering needs, Select Sandwich is your best option to ensure your attendees are awake and ready to retain information! Contact your nearest Select Sandwich today to place your breakfast catering order. We deliver, it’s free for orders over $75.

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