by staciegoldin
October 20th, 2015

How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party


Office Party

Get ready to make a checklist, because you’re going to need one, and you’re going to need to follow it!

When you’re planning the perfect party, whether it’s for your employees, your best friend, or your spouse, there are a few rules that you need to follow.

  1. Set a budget! Then add a bit- chances are, you will always go a little over, so give it a bit of a cushion. And now you have to stick to it!
  2. Make a list of all the items you are going to need- we’ll cover all that stuff in a minute.
  3. Start to recruit other people who are going to help you- delegate, delegate, delegate! You will need people to help you before the party, and others to help you during the party. Make sure these are people you can actually rely on!
  4. Now, if you’re old school, grab a pen and paper. If you’re born after 1986, grab your smartphone, and let’s start making a checklist of all the things you’re going to need to make this spectacular!

First, you’re going to want to give your checklist a cute title, something like, “Patricia’s Perfect Party List”. Now let’s get started!

  1. A venue. What is your office space like? Do you have a nice boardroom that you can transform into something swanky? Is there a large space in your building that you can rent or use? Is there a place nearby that you can rent out? Find out. This is step number one! Once you have your spot, and it’s available for the date and time you’re looking for, then you can send out that information to the party goers.
  2. Invitations. Keep it simple! There are some great free, online invitations you can use- remember to put the date, time and location- Also, make sure to include an RSVP email or cell number for those who don’t want to respond through the online invite.
  3. Definitely cater the party. Using a caterer like Select Sandwich will make your life 100x easier. We know food, and we know what goes well together- leave it up to us, and we’ll have everything for you, from drinks, to apps, mains, and desserts.
  4. Decorations. Make sure the decorations are festive and bright! Depending on the situation in your office, you might even want to hang up a little sprig of mistletoe. (Just sayin’!)
  5. Music. This is an absolute MUST! Delegate someone to be in charge of the music. You will need to check on the electrical situation so that the computer can be plugged in, and you’ll need a set of speakers that you can hook up to the computer. Make sure to play a good mixture of holiday tunes and current music. Keep the music upbeat and fun, no downer music allowed at a party!
  6. Party games (?) Now, some people LOVE party games and some people HATE them. Might be best to avoid them. However, if you’re one of the ones that love them, then ignore what I just said. I have played a couple really fun ones… I like the “Guess Who” game, where a card with a famous person’s name is stuck on your back, and you have to figure out “who you are” by asking questions of the other party goers- and to make sure people actually mingle, you are only allowed to ask 2 questions per person. Another great game you can play for a more intimate group, is “two truths one lie”. Every person has a piece of paper, and writes down 2 things about him/herself that are true, and writes one that is not true. Each person reads them out loud, and the rest of the guests have to guess which item is the lie. Good Times!
  7. Alcohol. You know your party guests the best. If you think that things might get out of hand if there is too much alcohol flowing, then organize ‘drink tickets’ so that everyone only gets one or two. Better to err on the side of caution.


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